as agreed upon造句

"as agreed upon"是什麽意思   


  1. Other matters as agreed upon by both parties
  2. Preferential prices as agreed upon by both parities
  3. Two point four million , as agreed upon
  4. Insured risks refer to the contingencies or perils covered by the insurance as agreed upon in the insurance contract
  5. Should a buyer fail to take back an auction target as agreed upon , he or she shall pay the storage costs arising thereafter
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  7. Regression tests need to be executed on a regular basis to validate the working of the system as agreed upon over and over again
  8. Measurements ( visual or instrumental ) should be made within a standardized time period or as agreed upon between interested parties
  9. Truman , winston churchill , and chiang kai - shek which outlined the terms of surrender for japan as agreed upon at the potsdam conference
  10. To assume jointly and solidly with the undersigned any liability that may arise in connection with the workers ' recruitment and / or implement as agreed upon by both parties
  11. Article 40 should a buyer fail to obtain an auction target as agreed upon , he or she has the right to demand that the auctioneer or the trustee bear the liabilities of breaking a contract
  12. Article 23 a labour contract shall terminate upon the expiration of its term or the emergence of the conditions for the termination of the labour contract as agreed upon by the parties involved
  13. Article14 after an insurance contract is concluded , the insurant shall pay premium as agreed upon in the contract and the insurer shall start to undertake insurance liabilities at the time agreed upon
  14. The proceeds the pledgor obtained from the transfer of the certificates of stocks shall be used to pay in advance the pledgee ' s claims secured , or be deposited with a third party as agreed upon with the pledgor
  15. Article 24 after an auction is completed , the auctioneer shall , as agreed upon , pay the sum of money of the auction targets to the trustee , and shall , as agreed upon , transfer the auction targets to the buyer
  16. Article 59 a mortgage of maximum amount as used in this law means that the mortgaged property shall be used to secure the creditor ' s claims which occur successively during a given period of time and to the extent of the total amount of the claims , as agreed upon between a mortgagor and a mortgagee
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