as if by design造句


  1. All the little pieces fell into place with perfection, as if by design.
  2. Dominoes tumbled as if by design and there it was : an offer to become North Carolina's head coach.
  3. As if by design, three of the 1996 GOP presidential contenders looked at Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole's solid lead in the party and openly criticized him Monday and Tuesday.
  4. What made them suspicious was not only the crime scene, with the alarm system switched off and the papers spread very regularly, as if by design, but also Suzane's extraordinarily cold behavior-she was seen in the house's swimming pool with Daniel the day after the murder, and celebrated her 19th birthday with friends just hours after the parents?burial.
  5. It's difficult to find as if by design in a sentence. 用as if by design造句挺難的


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