as if by magic造句

"as if by magic"是什麽意思   


  1. As if by magic , suddenly every person in the room
  2. As if by magic , suddenly every person in the room . .
    就好象被施了魔法突然間屋里的每個人. .
  3. The paper turned green as if by magic
  4. Up came flowers , bushes , and even big fruit trees , as if by magic
  5. He struck thrice . at the first blow the sound ceased , as if by magic
  6. It's difficult to find as if by magic in a sentence. 用as if by magic造句挺難的
  7. As if by magic
  8. Suddenly the tumult ceased , as if by magic , and the doors of the church opened
  9. We transform , as if by magic , from wives and mothers into horrid society murdering beasts
  10. But as if by magic she had already donned them - necklace , ear - rings , bracelets , and all
  11. " but beneath my fingers , as if by magic , in proportion as the fire ascended , i saw yellowish characters appear on the paper
  12. As if by magic , virtually all british parents have suddenly picked up the habit of reading to their children , a report published on friday said
  13. The aroma of skewered morsels of chicken roasting away over hot coals wafts out of doors and vents , drawing in the passers - by as if by magic
  14. Be born to it . native speakers learn their first languages easily and enthusiastically . somehow , as if by magic , we ' re speaking fluently before we ever attend school
  15. The papers resumed their discussion about the wager ; all those who had laid bets , for or against him , revived their interest , as if by magic ; the phileas fogg bends again became negotiable , and many new wagers were made
  16. It was one of the magnificent autumn days which make amends for a short summer ; the clouds which m . de villefort had perceived at sunrise had all disappeared as if by magic , and one of the softest and most brilliant days of september shone forth in all its splendor


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