asec mimosas造句


  1. Beginning his career at ASEC Mimosas, Tour?moved to Liverpool.
  2. It is a similar project to that of ASEC Mimosas.
  3. ASEC Mimosas successfully defended their title and captured their 2nd consecutive championship.
  4. Asec Mimosa, the reigning African champions were joined by Tunisia's Esp閞ance.
  5. Zamalek were drawn in Group F along with ASEC Mimosas, Costa do Sol.
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  7. He was played for ASEC Mimosas, Club Africain, and Al-Hilal FC.
  8. This year's tournament features Lazio, Maccabi Haifa and Ivory Coast's Asec Mimosa.
  9. Tour?began his playing career at Ivorian club ASEC Mimosas, where he made his debut aged 18.
  10. The competition's top goalscorer was ASEC Mimosas player Gohi Bi Zoro Cyriac who scored 21 goals.
  11. On 2 February 2012 Kayode left ASEC Mimosas joining Swiss club FC Luzern on loan until 30 November 2012.
  12. The season concluded on the 1 November 2009 . ASEC Mimosas were crowned as the Champions for 22nd time in their history.
  13. Zamalek is in the second group with Tunisia's Esperance, ASEC Mimosas of Ivory Coast and Costa Do Sol from Mozambique.
  14. Dimy played for ASEC Mimosas in the 2003 CAF Champions League group stages, scoring an own goal in the match away to Ismaily.
  15. Africa Sports supporters threw bottles and stones on the field after ASEC Mimosas scored late in the first half Sunday, prompting clashes between the teams'fans.
  16. Aboutrika scored again in the final group match against ASEC Mimosas, a game ended 2-2 as Aboutrika netted the first goal for Al-Ahly.
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