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  1. The user specifies options by coding a series of assembler macros.
  2. "WTO " is an assembler macro that generates an operating system call.
  3. During the development of TTM, it became apparent that applications other than assembler macro processing were possible.
  4. The applications, including much of DOSF, however, were written an interpreted language that was " compiled " using the System / 370 assembler macro facility.
  5. CICS screens are usually sent as a construct called a map, a module created with Basic Mapping Support ( BMS ) assembler macros or third-party tools.
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  7. Assembler macro instructions, like macros in PL / I and some other languages, can be lengthy " programs " by themselves, executed by interpretation by the assembler during assembly.
  8. It is, of course, perfectly possible to generate the above code " inline " using a single assembler macro statement, specifying just four or five operands ( or alternatively, make it into a library subroutine, accessed by a simple call, passing a list of parameters ), making the optimization readily accessible to inexperienced programmers.
  9. Early contributors included Rick Meyers ( project lead and MPW Shell command interpreter ), Jeff Parrish ( MPW Shell editor ), Dan Smith ( MPW Shell commands ), Ira Ruben ( assembler and many of the tools including Backup, PasMat, and more ), Fred Forsman ( Make, Print, SADE, and assembler macro processor ), Al Hoffman ( Pascal compiler ) Roger Lawrence ( Pascal and C compilers, including the error messages ), Ken Friedenbach ( linker ), Johan Strandberg ( Rez, DeRez, RezDet ), Steve Hartwell ( C libraries ), and Dan Allen ( MacsBug, editor ).


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