assortative mixing造句


  1. This tendency is referred to as assortative mixing, or " assortativity ".
  2. Note that the social networks ( the first five entries ) have apparent assortative mixing.
  3. In particular, assortative mixing between people with large numbers of sexual partners seems to be an important factor.
  4. Since social networks demonstrate assortative mixing, diseases targeting high degree individuals are likely to spread to other high degree nodes.
  5. "' 3 ) Assortative mixing in the network affects the network's robustness under node removal " '.
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  7. Assortative mixing can have effects, for example, on the spread of disease : if individuals have contact primarily with other members of the same population groups, then diseases will spread primarily within those groups.
  8. An important question in the epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections is whether or not these groups copulate mostly at random ( with sexual partners from throughout a population ) or within their social groups ( assortative mixing ).
  9. This formula yields r = 0 when there's no assortative mixing, since e _ { ij } = a _ { i } b _ { j } in that case, and r = 1 when the network is perfectly assortative.
  10. Mixing, therefore, can be classified broadly as assortative or disassortative . " Assortative mixing " is the tendency for nodes to connect to like nodes, while " disassortative mixing " captures the opposite case in which very different nodes are connected.
  11. After this analysis, Feld goes on to make some more qualitative assumptions about the statistical correlation between the number of friends that two friends have, based on theories of social networks such as assortative mixing, and he analyzes what these assumptions imply about the number of people whose friends have more friends than they do.
  12. Sub-graphs, both large and small, can be defined within the overall sexual network graph; for example, people who frequent particular bars or clubs, belong to a particular ethnic group or take part in a particular type of sexual activity, or are part of a particular outbreak of an STD . In particular, assortative mixing between people with large numbers of sexual partners seems to be an important factor in the spread of STD.


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