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  1. Note : assorted colors can be chosen and invited local dealers
  2. Color assorted colors username
  3. Assorted color assorted size
  4. Transformer and coil usage : high temperature , oil , voltage resistance , excellent weather reistant property , special - lized in transfomer and coil . with assorted colors
    變壓器線圈用:耐高溫、耐溶劑、耐電壓、抗老化性佳,特別適用于電子工業方面之變壓器及線圈,絕緣電阻> 1 1012歐姆,顏色齊全。
  5. My fourth visit to furniture china and this time round , we are searching for a variety of products in assorted colors as well as design or anything new that i can export to australia and i know the fair always meet my expectations
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