1. Al-Attas was held while immigration officials checked his visa.
  2. But there were things al-Attas pondered in his heart.
  3. Humiliated and afraid, al-Attas drove back to Oklahoma.
  4. Mohammed recommended Hamida to Mohammed al-Attas, an associate.
  5. The first Razak Professor was Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas.
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  7. Al-Attas also has been transferred to New York for questioning.
  8. Attas, 24, a Yemeni, was not charged with terrorism.
  9. In court, Attas described his false statements to agents.
  10. We weren't as good attas and offensive team ."
  11. Al-Attas has not been charged with a crime.
  12. Al-Attas noticed him and extended his hand.
  13. Al-Attas didn't talk much about himself or his problems.
  14. Al-Attas is guilty only of being generous, Moussaoui told investigators.
  15. Al-Attas was later released but was arrested again after Sept . 11.
  16. Moussaoui said, quoting the prophet Muhammad, al-Attas told the authorities.
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