1. Turkish projects included Afghanistan's best medical facility, Attaturk Hospital in Kabul, and water projects in northern and central regions.
  2. Because Afghanistan, like Turkey, was both Muslim and non-Arab, Attaturk thought it might follow the secular model he was creating in Turkey.
  3. Recently, YouTube was blocked in Turkey because of a video making fun of Attaturk and a British national was imprisoned in Thailand for " insulting the King ".
  4. The citation from Clark for instance clearly mentions that the exchange took place at the insistance of Attaturk and was later agreed by Greece which is exactly what the article states.
  5. The airline suspended flights to Istanbul's Attaturk International Airport on June 24 after Turkish authorities demanded changes to El Al security procedures at the airport that include the posting of armed guards.
  6. It's difficult to find attaturk in a sentence. 用attaturk造句挺難的
  7. Israel's national carrier suspended flights to Turkey Thursday and media reports cited the reason as a row between Israeli and Turkish officials over security arrangements for El Al flights at Istanbul's Attaturk International Airport.
  8. Strong relations between the two countries date from the 1930s, a result of the efforts of Mustafa Kemal Attaturk, the founder of the modern Turkish state, to reorient his country toward the West _ an effort which estranged Turkey from its former Arab alliances.
  9. Per WP : Summary style, the focus should be on Istanbul with links to the airport articles and a few details to give the interested reader a feel for what the airports are like-if the reader wants to know more about Attaturk or Sabiha G ., they can follow the links.


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