1. Afzar's son, Attaullah, was also detained.
  2. Afzar and his son, Attaullah, were detained day after the attack.
  3. He also attended the addresses of Attaullah Shah Bukhari and Zafar Ali Khan.
  4. In 1972, Attaullah was invited to perform on Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur.
  5. In 1980, Attaullah performed in the United Kingdom for the first time.
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  7. Haji Attaullah, 70, a Pashtun delegate, said in an interview here.
  8. Attaullah relocated to Lahore after becoming a professional musician performing in Seraiki, Urdu and English.
  9. Famous singers who have performed in Saraiki include Attaullah Khan Essa Khailwi, Pathanay Khan, Abida Parveen, The Sketches.
  10. Police charged at the marchers with batons and fired tear gas before making the arrests, said Peshawar police chief Attaullah Wazir.
  11. Singers, actors and models, including Attaullah Essa Khailwi, Gulzar Alam, Bacha, are also affiliated with the movement.
  12. Attaullah's albums were eventually released in the United Kingdom under various labels, including Hi-tech, OSA and Moviebox.
  13. Riaz said that Afzal and his son, Attaullah, are believed to have undergone training at a Jaish-e-Mohammed camp.
  14. Attaullah Zarabi, a World Health Organization doctor, said stress and the extreme oppressiveness of the Taliban has contributed to the deteriorating mental health.
  15. Attaullah was invited by a company in Faisalabad to record folk songs in their studio, and he recorded four albums in one recording session.
  16. He was also the companion of Ameer Shariat Syed Attaullah Shah Bukhari, Moulana Ghulam Ghous Hazarvi and Moulana Syed Gul Badshah before passing it on.
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