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  1. The project is to be built on Aubrey Cliffs in Coconino County, Arizona.
  2. The Aubrey Cliffs are the west edge of the Coconino Plateau.
  3. The Aubrey Cliffs reappear northwest, west-northwest of this point, in the southeast of Prospect Valley.
  4. The Aubrey Cliffs re-appear northwest of the valley's north end, at the southeast of Prospect Valley.
  5. The Aubrey Cliffs are expressed south of the Colorado River, on the South Rim, and extend due-southwards.
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  7. The south terminus of Aubrey Cliffs is also near the beginnings of Chino Valley ( Arizona ), part of the beginnings of the Verde River watershed.
  8. The Aubrey Cliffs form the east and northeast valley border, and are part of the escarpment at the southwest perimeter of the "'Coconino Plateau "', southwest Colorado Plateau.
  9. The area is roughly defined by the Mogollon Rim on the south, the Colorado River on the north, the Aubrey Cliffs on the west and a line between Page and Winona on the east.
  10. In Aubrey Valley at the southern region of the Aubrey Cliffs, the Cliffs are also eroded back along the Coconino Plateau; the Toroweap Fault is buried under gravels, towards the valley center, west of the north-trending cliffs.
  11. The Aubrey Cliffs are composed of the Permian rocks on top, Kaibab Limestone, Toroweap Formation and Coconino Sandstone; also the Hermit Formation and Supai Group; at lower elevations ( the Esplanade Sandstone member of the The Esplanade, Grand Canyon ).
  12. Paved road, Res Route 18 traverses the northwest at the hillside foothills of the valley and passes Blue Mountain,, continues northeast through Robbers Roost, Arizona in a section of hills, then meets Res Route 18 at Fraziers Well, Arizona, the north terminus of Aubrey Valley; the valley narrows here between Aubrey Cliffs, east, and hills and mountains to the west.
  13. The "'Grand Wash Cliffs "'are the western, specifically the southwestern perimeter, of the Colorado Plateau; the section of the plateau is called the Haulapai Plateau-( the Hualapai extends east to the Aubrey Cliffs ), from eastern Lake Mead at Grapevine Mesa to the Flagstaff, Arizona region ( east about 150-mi ), where the San Francisco volcanic field has numerous volcanic forms.


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