aubrey hawkins造句


  1. During the store robbery, Officer Aubrey Hawkins was shot 11 times.
  2. Also recovered was slain officer Aubrey Hawkins'handgun, authorities said.
  3. McDavid said, " but will we remember Aubrey Hawkins ?"
  4. Defense attorneys have argued that Rivas never intended to murder Officer Aubrey Hawkins.
  5. The officer was Aubrey Hawkins, not Aubry.
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  7. Irving Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins was killed when he approached the robbers behind the store.
  8. Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins was shot 11 times _ six times in the head.
  9. Officer Aubrey Hawkins was shot 11 times.
  10. His is the first trial in connection with the killing of Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins.
  11. Halprin is the fifth escaped convict to be tried in the death of officer Aubrey Hawkins.
  12. In that case, the fugitives are charged with having killed a police officer, Aubrey Hawkins.
  13. George Rivas says he deserves to die for killing Irving, Texas, police officer Aubrey Hawkins.
  14. Prosecutors contend that Irving Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins was shot to death when he interrupted the robbery.
  15. Jayne Hawkins, mother of the slain police officer, Aubrey Hawkins, chastised top prison officials.
  16. The last thing Aubrey Hawkins saw was this man bearing down on him with all his fury.
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