1. These future film-makers believed that true auteur both writes and directs his films .
  2. Cinespot : a great auteur - yasujiro ozu
  3. The auteur has the juice with the board to make the necessary changes
  4. In 1975 tommy was adapted as a film , directed by maverick british auteur ken russell
    1975年, 《湯米》被改編成電影,由特立獨行的英國電影導演肯?拉塞爾執導。
  5. Directed by trailblazing auteur yoshida yoshishige , this classic of early new wave evokes a haunted love reminiscent of brokeback
  6. It's difficult to find auteurs in a sentence. 用auteurs造句挺難的
  7. In showcasing three highly acclaimed , award - winning movies from major auteur filmmakers . i dont want to sleep alone
    今個月,藝術中心與fortissimo films再次合作,精選好戲三,推介給電影迷。
  8. It is the most distinguishable trademark of ozu and the most important element in positioning him as an auteur
  9. Low or no budget digital auteur , novelist , and gay activist cui zien is back with what could be his most traditional narrative yet
  10. Then , tony appeared in a series of " auteur " films which soon earned him a reputation as an extremely versatile actor
    接著,偉仔在“ (拍攝自撰劇本的)電影導演”執導的一系列影片中出演角色,很快聲名大噪,被認為是才華橫溢的多面手演員。
  11. This essay applies the auteur approach to analyze the cinematic aesthetics of huangmei opera films of li han hsiang , the most important director of the huangmei opera film genre
  12. In 1993 , lau and film auteur wong kar - wai set up jet tone films and collaborated on many movies . lau has also worked regularly with international action director cory yuen
  13. Cinema ! from drama , documentary to shorts film and animations , you are going to experience the rapid changes of the city through the eyes of the auteur filmmakers
  14. Marks the rise of a new italian auteur . with each measured rhythm , the scene segues into the next , building momentum as the story alternates between moments of tranquillity to hysterical outbursts
  15. International cinema , asian cinema , auteurs in 50 s hollywood - ray and sirk , discovering asian masters . kproduction background , reviews , stills , biographies and filmographies of the directors and essays
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