1. Auth or studied deeply about these problems for providing discussion
  2. Auth . share capital of respective company is shown in bracket at the end of each name
  3. To access resources protected using http basic - auth , a user has to provide a username and password
    要使用http basic - auth訪問受保護的資源,用戶需要提供用戶名和密碼。
  4. If i m developing a web services client to talk to web services through an http server that has basic auth on , how do i do it
  5. If authibmdb2authoritative is " off , " then iff the user is not found in the database , let other auth modules try to find the user
    如果authibmdb2authoritative為" off " ,當在數據庫中沒有發現用戶時,則讓其他認證模塊嘗試發現用戶
  6. It's difficult to find auth in a sentence. 用auth造句挺難的
  7. Since web services invocation over http is the same as accessing an endpoint url , we can make use of basic - auth to restrict web services access
    因為通過http調用web服務和訪問端點url是類似的,所有可以利用basic - auth限制web服務訪問。
  8. The auth - constraint element is used to specify constraints for an authenticated user account that must be met prior to accessing protected pages
    Auth - constraint元素用于指定對通過認證的用戶帳戶的約束,這些約束必須在訪問受保護頁面之前得到滿足。
  9. If you do not want cell a to trust cell b , use certificate authentication for the server to server authentication step , not basic auth
    如果不希望計算單元a信任計算單元b ,則請在服務器身份驗證步驟中為服務器使用證書身份驗證,而不是采用基本身份驗證。
  10. Alarmed at the huge budget deficits caused by bush ' s tax cuts , auth represents the union the american republic as a ship sinking in a sea of red ink
  11. Cartoonist tony auth reverses superman ' s routine to make a tongue - in - cheek comment on california ' s new governor , 56 - year - old muscleman arnold schwarzenegger
    漫畫家托尼?奧特把超人的這一慣常做法倒了過來,用以取笑加州新州長? ? ? 56歲的肌肉發達的阿諾德?施瓦辛格。
  12. The " call " object allows you to set http user id and password for basic auth , and also similar methods to cater for intermediate http proxies , if they exist
    “ call ”對象允許您為基本認證設置http用戶標識和密碼,以及中間http代理(如果它們存在的話)所需的類似方法。
  13. In short , most deployed web services are using standard http security techniques of ssl and http basic auth to provide their immediate security needs
    簡言之,大多數被部署的web服務都是在使用ssl和http基本認證( basic auth )的標準http安全性技術滿足它們的緊急安全性需要。
  14. Secondly , the extension to smtp authentication - - - - multidomain auth - - - - is studied : the proposal for its implementation and for the transformation of auth information supplied by the email client
  15. When you specify the loginid property , the webseal tai ignores the inbound user id in the basic auth header and verifies the loginid and webseal password combination
    當您指定loginid屬性時, webseal tai會忽略基本auth header中的入站用戶id ,并檢驗loginid和webseal密碼組合。
  16. In the meantime , basic auth , or certificates would work , but form based challenge is more complicated because you cannot send the authentication information with the web service request
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