1. In 587 Authari sent an army under Euin into Istria.
  2. The offended Authari was engaged to Theodelinda in 588.
  3. After King Authari died in 590, the Lombard dukes asked Theodelinda to marry again.
  4. In 588 his elder sister Theudelinda was engaged to the king of the Lombards, Authari.
  5. Theodelinda was allowed to pick Agilulf as her next husband and Authari's successor in 591.
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  7. She was married first in 589 to Authari, king of the Lombards, son of king Cleph.
  8. Authari, when not controlled by foreign armies, expanded the Lombard dominion at the expense of Byzantium.
  9. The church was donated to Theodelinda, an alleged eyewitness to the miracle and wife of king Authari.
  10. She chose Authari's cousin Agilulf as her husband, and he was accepted as the next king.
  11. The elder sister of Euin's wife was Theudelinda, who in 589 married the Lombard king Authari.
  12. Authari married Theodelinda in May 589 and named his brother-in-law, Gundoald, Duke of Asti.
  13. This was the place where Queen Theodolinda, widow of Authari, married Agilulf, Duke of Turin, in 590.
  14. Authari died in 591 and was succeeded by Agilulf, the duke of Turin, who also married Theodelinda in the same year.
  15. War erupted and, in 602, the Byzantine emperor Phocas lost Padua, which Authari had cut off from Ravenna a decade prior.
  16. There Theudelinda married Authari in May, and Gundoald was invested with the duchy of Asti and the hand of a granddaughter of Aripert.
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