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  1. Authentic assessment : an assessment approach in
  2. For the evaluation of project - based learning , we evaluate applying authentic assessment
  3. Authentic assessment is based on establishing the status , exposing the meaning and identifying the value of human as subject
  4. The essence of authentic assessment is human ' s assessment that focuses on individuality , creativity and authenticity
    真實性評價實質為: “人”的評價,著意于伸發人的獨特性與創造力,著意于人的本真性的發揚。
  5. In the process of human ' s meaning and value being asked for and strived for in educational assessment , authentic assessment as a new concept is created , and it pursues actively human ' s reverting in educational assessment
  6. It's difficult to find authentic assessment in a sentence. 用authentic assessment造句挺難的
  7. Authentic assessment continues to create , construct and reconstruct accordingly the human ' s meaning and value in the reflection and critique of educational assessment through its praxis , which contributes to develop educational assessment
  8. Based on the concept of human assessment , authentic assessment is changing traditional evaluation into various ways so that it can deepen the understanding by its reflection , extend the views through its innovation , enrich the connotation in its evolution of educational assessment
  9. As to how to exert learning assessment successfully , this article has some probes , and attempts to form a learning assessment system . this system advocates collaboration between teachers and students , attaches importance to testing , daily assessment , science explorations ’ portfolio assessment and science experiments ’ authentic assessment , and guides students to assess themselves . to sum up , this system requires its ideal , objective , measures and results be “ appreciated ” and be received by all students
    基于以上研究,本文制定了相應的具有可操作性的學業評定標準,并對學業評定如何實施進行了有益的探索,認為當前亟需構建一個強調師生合作,重視考試(書面測試) 、日常評定、科學探究的檔案袋評定以及科學實驗的表現性評定相結合,引導學生開展自我評定和同伴評定的學業評定體系,這一體系強調學業評定的理念、目標、方法和結果必須被學生所真正“欣賞”和接受。
  10. In the real classroom , although there are different forms of authentic assessment of students , they inherit the concept of human assessment , which materialize the human meaning and value in assessment in diverse ways and realize the human ' s reverting in the implementation of student assessment


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