1. These bodies use Autococker threaded barrels and Angel threaded feednecks and ball-detents.
  2. The Promaster comes stock with a 12 " ported barrel with Autococker / Intimidator threads.
  3. Notable examples include the WGP Autococker, the Palmer's Pursuit Shop Blazer and Typhoon.
  4. Even with an electronic trigger, the Autococker still relies on a hammer and spring valve for firing.
  5. The stock breech is threaded to accept Autococker threaded barrels and has a pair of rubber ball detents.
  6. It's difficult to find autococker in a sentence. 用autococker造句挺難的
  7. Autococker owners unaware of this fact tend to notice that paintballs roll out of the barrel when the end is pointed downward.
  8. It features a clamping feedneck, four-point adjustable trigger, multiple firing modes, and an autococker-threaded barrel.
  9. On both the Sniper and the Autococker, a "'back block "'performs all three of these functions.
  10. Open-bolt markers with a good paint-to-barrel match have proven to be just as accurate as the Autococker.
  11. To this day, most high-end markers, and many entry-level as well, accept barrels with " autococker threads ".
  12. WGP's own electropneumatic system, based on technology licensed from Planet Eclipse, is now standard on many of their new Autococker models.
  13. I then got an email from this user saying that his name has something to do with a paintball gun called an " autococker ".
  14. The belief that Autocockers are more accurate due to their design is partially due to the confounding fact that the Autococker " requires " a good paint-to-barrel match.
  15. On both the Sniper and Autococker, a "'pump rod "'runs from the front of the marker to the back block and serves as the means by which the back block moves forward and back.
  16. Either way, the consistency of shots and the gas efficiency of the marker are reduced, and a common complaint among inexperienced Autococker users is that they do not get many shots from a full tank of air or CO 2.
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