automatic blocking造句

"automatic blocking"是什麽意思   


  1. Introduction of qm5 16 automatic block production process
  2. Simulation technology for safety testing of railway automatic block system
  3. Automatic block operation
  4. Automatic block district
  5. Automatic block project
  6. It's difficult to find automatic blocking in a sentence. 用automatic blocking造句挺難的
  7. Coded automatic block
  8. Automatic block interval time variation of nanjing - chuxian section on jin - pu railway line designed by our institute won the excellent design prize of the first national excellent designs
  9. According to the signal features of various automatic block systems , a signal singularity detection method based on the wavelet analysis technique is adopted in this paper to carry out singularity detection for the data recorded by the cab signaling recorder
  10. In order to effectively use the vacant space beside the passenger train paths in the train running diagram of mixed passenger and freight lines and draw more freight train paths to improve the carrying capacity , the essay analyzes the reasonable drawing plan for freight train paths beside single passenger train arid two passenger trains respectively on the double tracked section with automatic blocking system according to the principle of minimal additional removal time and on the basis of the calculation method of removal coefficient table
  11. The zy440 - a automatic blocking machine is an ideal after - printing binding equipment for all kinds of printing plants and binding plants , which can be used to glue single page or multiple pages for paper - cover binding and to glue end paper of hard cover book and advanced motebook before thread sewing of bookblock , greatly meeting customer ' s demand to save labor force


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