ayr academy造句


  1. He attended Ayr Academy and studied organ under Frederick Ely.
  2. Meikleham's first post was Rector of Ayr Academy in 1792.
  3. For students in the 1950s, those wishing to take exams had to go to Ayr Academy.
  4. He was educated at the Ayr Academy and Edinburgh University and was in favour of social reform.
  5. Dixon was born in Paisley, Scotland, and studied at Ayr Academy and the University of Glasgow.
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  7. In 2007, the closure of Mainholm Academy resulted in the addition of approximately 100 additional pupils attending Ayr Academy.
  8. He attended Bangor Grammar School then his family moved to Scotland where he attended Ayr Academy from 1910-1917.
  9. Latta was born in Old Cumnock, Ayrshire, the son of William Latta, and was educated at Ayr Academy.
  10. He won a scholarship to Ayr Academy and then won a further scholarship to Glasgow University to study Mathematics and Physics.
  11. "' Ayr Academy "'is a non-denominational secondary school situated in the centre of Ayr in South Ayrshire.
  12. After getting ?.25 million from the Government, they plan to sell the current Ayr Academy once the new building is complete.
  13. Perry was born in Dundee, son of Fletcher and Flora Perry, and educated at Ayr Academy, and the High School of Dundee.
  14. Educated first at Ayr Academy, he entered Edinburgh University in 1874 and proceeded to Balliol College, Oxford, as Warner Exhibitioner in 1877.
  15. Ayr Academy's catchment area covers Newton-on-Ayr, Whitletts and the outlying villages of Coylton, Annbank, and Mossblown.
  16. He was educated at the Ayr Academy and at the Edinburgh Universities, being licensed to preach by the Free Presbytery of Irvine in 1851.
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