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  1. The Ayr Advertiser is Scotland's oldest weekly newspaper.
  2. In his later years he contributed articles in prose and verse to the " Ayr Advertiser ".
  3. The town also accommodates the headquarters of the Ayr Advertiser and Ayrshire Post newspapers and the West FM radio station.
  4. The Ayr Advertiser of 30 October 1856 stated that the monument was designed by William Dobie of Beith, and was built by Mr Snodgrass.
  5. The paper is part of the Ayr Advertiser Series, which incorporates the " Troon and Prestwick Times " and the " Carrick Herald ".
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  7. The Ayr Advertiser of 12 October 1854 carried an advertisement calling for designs for the monument to be submitted to W F Love of Beith by 1 January 1855.
  8. A letter once appeared in the Ayr Advertiser confusing Wyllie with English physician Thomas Charles Byde Rooke, who was adoptive father of Kamehameha IV's wife Queen Emma.
  9. The " Ayrshire Post ", serving all parts of Ayrshire, and " Ayr Advertiser ", serving the towns of Ayr and Prestwick, newspapers are also based in Ayr.
  10. Historical copies of the " "'Ayr Advertiser " "', dating back to 1839, are available to search and view in digitised form at The British Newspaper Archive.
  11. During his writing career in Scotland he wrote for eight known newspapers including The " Ayr Advertiser ", The " Kilmarnock Chronicle ", and The " Witness ".
  12. The'Ayr Advertiser'for 21 October 1920 records of a hiring event that " " There were not a great many single men engaged, a large proportion of them preferring to wait till Dudd's Day . ""
  13. The'Ayr Advertiser'in 1820 stated that " " Friday was the  Dudsday fair in Kilmarnock, that is, the fair at which the country servants spend their former half year's wages in new clothes . ""


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