ayr bank造句


  1. Sir Robert Maxwell became involved in the Ayr bank failure, and was ruined.
  2. However the 1772 collapse of the Ayr bank of Douglas, Heron & Company was a blow to his financial position.
  3. For example, the partners of the Ayr Bank paid no less than ?663, 397 in order to fully repay their creditors.
  4. In July 1776, the partners of the Ayr Bank met to form a committee to conduct an inquiry into the Company's failure.
  5. The Scottish banks, especially those in Edinburgh rather than Glasgow, had mostly been borrowing from the Ayr Bank, partly to finance the building of the New Town, Edinburgh.
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  7. In 1775 Thomas Coutts took him into partnership, despite misgivings at his having been involved in the Ayr Bank collapse, but eventually had second thoughts and asked him to resign the partnership in 1780.
  8. The bank also took the lead in establishing the security and stability of the entire Scottish banking system, which became more important after the collapse of the Ayr Bank in 1772, in the crisis following the collapse of the London house of Neal, James, Fordyce and Down.
  9. The next day his bank had to close, and two days later, three other London banking firms with Scottish connections collapsed, and in the twelve days after Fordyce fled, 22 significant banks, notably the Scottish Douglas, Heron & Co known as the Ayr Bank, and many smaller ones all stopped payments, never to resume.
  10. In his " History of banking in Scotland ", William Kerr says " The essential errors of the Ayr Bank were trading beyond their means; divided control by permitting branches to act independently; forcing the circulation of their notes; giving credit too easily; ignorance of the principles of business; and carelessness or iniquity of officers ."


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