ayr bruins造句


  1. *There is no reason for Ayr Bruins and Ayr Raiders to be in See also.
  2. The rink was notable as being the home of professional ice hockey clubs Ayr Raiders and Ayr Bruins.
  3. In the final the following day the Panthers defeated the Ayr Bruins 6 3, clinching their first Championship title.
  4. In 1985, Conway signed for the Ayr Bruins in the Premier Division of the British Hockey League ( BHL ).
  5. The "'Ayr Bruins "'were an ice hockey club based in Ayr, Scotland between 1939 and 1992.
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  7. After retiring from the NHL due to injuries, Saganiuk helped develop hockey in Britain as a player-coach with both Ayr Bruins and Peterborough Pirates.
  8. He then joined the Solihull Barons for the start of the 1989 90 season, which he finished with the Ayr Bruins before returning to Solihull for the 1990 91 season.


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