ayr burghs造句


  1. In 1790 he returned as an MP to Ayr Burghs.
  2. Fergusson stood for the Ayr Burghs against Patrick Craufurd.
  3. Ayr Burghs was abolished and two new county constituencies, Central Ayrshire, were created.
  4. However, by 1727, the Ayr Burghs, for which he chose to sit.
  5. He was returned by Argyll as Member of Parliament ( MP ) for Ayr Burghs from 1734 to 1741.
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  7. He was re-elected for Ayr Burghs in 1781, winning against the peers choice of Hugh Montgomerie.
  8. Younger was a Deputy Lieutenant of Clackmannanshire from November 1901, and an elected Ayr Burghs from 1906 until 1922.
  9. Of the other three constituencies, two were county constituencies : Ayr Burghs, was a district of burghs constituency.
  10. Two of these, Ayr Burghs and Kilmarnock Burghs, had included areas ( parliamentary burghs ) outside the two counties.
  11. He resigned his charge at the United Free Church in Ardrossan, Ayrshire in 1918 to contest Ayr Burghs in the same year.
  12. The counties of Ayr and Bute had been covered, previously, by the five constituencies of Ayr Burghs, North Ayrshire and South Ayrshire.
  13. "' Ayr Burghs "'was a district of burghs constituency of the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1950.
  14. Sinclair joined the Liberal Party in the 1880s and contested elections to the House of Commons from the Ayr Burghs in Scotland on the promise of Home Rule for Ireland, but lost.
  15. The gruesome expenses are recorded in the Ayr Burgh accounts as being ? 3s 8d for candles, drink, and meat as well as pitch, coals, heather, trees and other items.
  16. Prior to this Ayr formed part of the Ayr Burghs constituency which combined various towns along the Ayrshire coast such as Irvine, Troon, Prestwick, Ardrossan and Saltcoats : this seat was held by the Conservatives from 1906 until the constituency's abolishment in 1950, making Ayr the longest seat to be held by the Conservatives in Scotland at over 100 years.
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