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  1. It has been the home of Ayr Parkhouse to form Ayr United.
  2. McManus signed for Ayr United on a short-term contract in November 2011.
  3. Cook began his football career in Scotland with Junior side Ayr United.
  4. Kerr made his Falkirk debut towards the end of the Ayr United.
  5. Brown signed for Ayr United during the 2012 summer transfer window.
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  7. McChesney was awarded a testimonial against Ayr United in 1971 for his loyalty.
  8. Keenan was loaned out to Ayr United during the January 2008 transfer window.
  9. Watt was appointed manager of Ayr United on 22 March 2007.
  10. Morton finished third in the Development League West with a victory over Ayr United.
  11. In January 2014, Milojevi have been training with Ayr United.
  12. Ahead of the new season, Ayr United, also providing an assist for Ryan Conroy.
  13. Another, Mohamed Lamine Sylla, played with Ayr United amongst others.
  14. The team are managed since November 2014 by former Ayr United striker, Derek Frye.
  15. Ayr United achieved that status three years after the merger.
  16. Marek Tomana played for Ayr United on 5 August 2006.
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