1. I want to make this right now, for women everyhwere, for me, but mostly for Ayral.
  2. According to Ayral-Clause, he might have put pressure on the ministry of fine arts to cancel the funding for the bronze commission.
  3. Now her biggest financial concern is her oldest son, Ayral, who, despite having graduated from Boston College and displaying talent and passion for music, is mentally challenged and cannot support himself.
  4. Ayral-Clause says that despite the fact Rodin obviously signed a number of her works, this was not specifically treatment of women artists but a treatment of apprentices in general at the time.
  5. The prosecutor in Draguignan, Danielle Drouy-Ayral, stated  at this moment in time, it is not the body of Xavier Dupont de Ligonn鑣, without providing any more details to explain this declaration.
  6. It's difficult to find ayral in a sentence. 用ayral造句挺難的


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