1. The youth had taken the videotape because, according to his statement read by Assistant District Attorney Aytan Bellin, " I thought it was for free ."
  2. "My understanding is that right now there aren't a lot of requests for this type of testing, but as the tests multiply and become more accurate, this problem will get more acute, " said Aytan Y . Bellin, counsel for a New York State task force weighing this and other bioethical issues.
  3. Bellin is survived by his wife, the former Talah Werbner; a daughter, Eva Bellin of Cambridge, Mass .; two sons, Dr . Eran Bellin of Teaneck, N . J ., and Aytan Bellin of Manhattan; two brothers, Dr . Eugene Lloyd Bellin of the Bronx and Dr . Evan Bellin of New Rochelle, N . Y ., and four grandchildren.
  4. It's difficult to find aytan in a sentence. 用aytan造句挺難的


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