aytec genc造句


  1. Johor FC were without two of their foreign pros last nigt-Aytec Genc who is suspended and Mirko Jurilj who is injured-and coach Ronald Smith was forced to reshuffle his starting lineup.
  2. JOHOR FC : Amirullah Ghani, Mirko Jurilj, Adi Azize Othman ( Armi Shariff ), Suhaimi Jalil, Hamzani Omar, Shamsolhizam Susol, Shairul Ismail, Aytec Genc, Junaidi Latip, Fuad Adam, Kris Trajanovsky.
  3. With the emergence of the professional A-League on the horizon and his interests outside of football such as writing and acting becoming more prominent, he decided to retire at the age of 28, much to the dismay of coach Aytec Genc, who stated :'Ivan was a wonderful footballer.
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