1. His other innovations include the Anglo-Dutch auction, and ( with Aytek Erdil ) Reference-Rule Pricing for package auctions.
  2. Aytek Genc was offered playing opportunities with Turkish club Trabzonspor and with Korean side Posco Atoms, however both opportunities fell through due inopportune injury and negotiation problems.
  3. But their dominance crumbled after Aytek was sent off and Sabah seized the opportunity to hammer in three goals for a comfortable cushion in the return leg in Johore Bahru.
  4. On 2 April 2009 was named as the new Head Coach of his former club Sydney Olympic FC, he follow up of Aytek Genc and was on 5 October 2009 released.
  5. Then in the 44th minute, in a solo effort from the half line Aytek Geng beat several defenders before unleashing a stinging waist high shot but again it was brilliantly blocked by Khairul.
  6. It's difficult to find aytek in a sentence. 用aytek造句挺難的
  7. Eym黵 gained fame for taking down numerous gangsters in the 1984 " Godfathers Operation " ( ) while heading the Smuggling Department, in concert with Atilla Aytek of the police force's smuggling department ( ).
  8. The visitors, better organised in their buildup, were in full control until their imported striker Aytek Geng Samil was sent off in the 55th minute after collecting two yellow cards for a foul on Yap Wai Loon.
  9. Aytek's sending off had a demoralising effect on the Johor FC as Sabah clawed back into the game to score through Mohamed Jaya Kassim in the 65th minute and Suharmin Yusof in the 70th and 85th minutes.
  10. "' Aytek Genc "'( ) ( born 3 February 1966 ) is a former Turkish Australian football ( soccer ) player and was the coach of the Sydney Olympic FC in the NSW Premier League.
  11. Lig Promotion Group, 謟bey returned to Australia to again team up with Aytek Gen?and many of his old comrades from the successful 2006 and 2007 Blacktown City Demons teams to play for Blacktown City FC in the NSW Premier League 2010 season.
  12. Efe Aydan, Erman Kunter, Doan Hakyemez, Aytek G黵kan, Emir Turam, Necati G黮er, Mehmet D??_ ken, Serdar Ko鐈iit, Melih Er鏸n, Cevat Soyda _ , Celal Ar1san, Sadi Olcay ( Coach : Aydan Siyavu _ )
  13. JOHOR FC : Amirullah Abdul Ghani, Zainuddin Yassin, Mirko Jurilj, Kris Trojanovski, Junaidi Talip, Saiful Bahri Shahrum, Samsol Hizam Susol ( Mohamed Shahrul Ismail ), Aytek Genc Samil, Suhaimi Jamil, Ramlan Sarman, Mustaza Maah Mustafa ( Ismail Ishak ).
  14. Arumugam, Stephen Abarowei ( NSC ) ONE : Fuaad Adam, Aytek Genc, Nor Sheikh Ibrahim ( JFC ), Syamsol Saad, Wan Ahmad Ridhwan, Jean Nyima, Sapian Wahid, Badrul Hisham Afzan ( Ter ), Roshan Pereira, Fatawu Ibrahim ( NSC ), Anuar Abu Bakar, ( Joh ), Fauzi Rashid, Khairul Ismail, Theophilus Amoo, Azour Mustapha ( Pol ), Junaidi Latip, Azni Ariffin ( Mal ), Saifullizan Hashim, S . Ragu, Abdul Latif Sharip, Azmi Nazir ( Forces ), Badrisan Kadir ( Kel ).
  15. Zeljko Kalac ( Sydney United ), Matthew Bingley ( Marconi ), Robbie Hooker ( West Adelaide ), Alex Tobin ( Adelaide City ), Milan Ivanovic ( Adelaide City ), Tony Popovic ( Sydney United ), Ernie Tapai ( Collingwood ), Robbie Enes ( Sydney United ), Paul Trimboli ( South Melbourne ), Craig Foster ( Marconi ), David Zdrilic ( Sydney United ), Milan Blagojevic ( Sydney Olympic ), Dominic Longo ( Marconi ), Mark Babic ( Sydney United ), Goran Lozanovski ( Collingwood ), Jason Polak ( South Melbourne ), Alistair Edwards ( Sydney Olympic ), Aytek Genc ( Sydney United ), Kris Trajanovski ( Sydney Olympic ), Sean Babic ( Marconi ), Warren Spink ( South Melbourne ), Jason Petkovic ( Adelaide City ).


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