1. Coastal area has a larger economy than backland . the economy of coastal area will lead the economy of backland to achieve mass prosperity
  2. Its designing center ensures sustaining innovation of artworks , planting farm in backland provides varieties of gourd , powerful e - business and logistic ability guarantees quick response of customer demand
  3. In 1993 , xi " an economic and technical development zone was established , and groped for a road to develope the backland development zone by whole opening to inner and outer orientation , in xi ' an , it has been became a extraversion modern industrial garden and a modern garden city
  4. In order to increase the whole benefit of medium and small enterprises , we should pay more attention to the management , especially in the encouraging problem of the human resource . this thesis gives an example of a traditional enterprise in backland producing the phosphate fertilizer
  5. In the last forty years the research for finding solitary wave solutions has been experienced a great growth and some sucessful methods including the inverse scattering theory , backland transform , hirota ' s bilinear methods and the homogeneous balance method have been presented in succession
    近四十年來非線性演化方程孤波解的解法研究蓬勃發展,相繼誕生了一些比較成功的求解方法,如反散射方法、 b ( ? ) ckland變換方法、 hirota方法以及齊次平衡方法等,這些方法多年來得到了廣泛的發展和應用。
  6. It's difficult to find backland in a sentence. 用backland造句挺難的
  7. It is a dynamic and ever - changing system , which is determined by many complicated factors such as backland economy , various factors of container port , the changes in international industrial division and international trade and the development of transportation technology


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