1. Construction began in 2006 in an area known as the North Backlands.
  2. Even novice travelers are venturing well beyond the world's major cities into the backlands.
  3. This is no simple case of a multinational corporation caught ravaging the backlands by intrepid nature lovers.
  4. The name is from the nearby Mount Sipylus, which bounds the valley of the city's backlands.
  5. In Brazil, where backlands illiteracy is widespread, the last census showed that more homes had televisions than refrigerators.
  6. It's difficult to find backlands in a sentence. 用backlands造句挺難的
  7. The location of the training camps in the lawless backlands of northern Albania has become the focus of intense interest.
  8. At around this time Lampi鉶 took to calling himself the " governor of the backlands ", only partly in jest.
  9. The upswing came to an abrupt end with the collapse of the monarchy and the associated loss of the economic backlands.
  10. Upcountry as it winds west into the semi-rural backlands of the town, the trout fishing can be superb in spring.
  11. Set in the Brazilian backlands in 1910, Walter Salles'film chronicles the vendetta that consumes two rival families of sugar planters.
  12. From daybreak to dusk, alongside her father, mother and older sister, Marta toiled in the backlands of Minas Gerais state.
  13. The cordel literature found its zenith in the decades of 20s and 30s, with the popular legend created by the Northeast backlands.
  14. In the Backlands we shall craunch a marmoset ! : )-- TotoBaggins 12 : 56, 9 July 2007 ( UTC)
  15. Author Paul Kriwaczek roaesbrom the wild backlands of Afghanistan to Hadrian's Wall in England, searching for traces of the mysterious seer.
  16. In Brazil, the last Western nation to officially abolish slavery, reports are growing of thousands working in bondage out in the backlands.
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