bad vibes造句


  1. My rods just shut off, put out a bad vibe.
  2. Bad vibes need to be fixed as much as bad pitches.
  3. The small forward said the " bad vibes"
  4. Williams countered the bad vibes with his trusty Baby Ruth candy bar.
  5. There are some bad vibes on one of the local professional teams.
  6. It's difficult to find bad vibes in a sentence. 用bad vibes造句挺難的
  7. Just sending every kind of bad vibe out there that I could,
  8. I talked to him, but got some bad vibes.
  9. The game seemed to have a bad vibe for the Mavs early.
  10. Can a series work its way through the bad vibes and survive?
  11. It was a lousy deal with a lot of bad vibes around.
  12. Still, Ms . Moore remembers some bad vibes.
  13. And I get bad vibes from such an overt get-even campaign.
  14. It's the Capitals who have to deal with the bad vibes.
  15. Nevertheless, bad vibes continue to float through cyberspace.
  16. He is not measuring bad vibes, but he might as well be.
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