bad vibrations造句


  1. After that vote, the bad vibrations seemed to be spreading.
  2. "It's not about bad vibrations or bad feelings.
  3. Everywhere he goes, Strawberry sets off bad vibrations.
  4. Boston College football will be feeling bad vibrations well into the next century.
  5. I had very bad handling and a bad vibration.
  6. It's difficult to find bad vibrations in a sentence. 用bad vibrations造句挺難的
  7. Even Ewing, the ultimate good soldier, referred to bad vibrations this season.
  8. We had a left rear tire come loose and I picked up a bad vibration.
  9. I am opening my heart and body to let out the bad vibrations and fill up with everything positive.
  10. Bad vibrations at Reef Road keep some of the older surfers onshore until the lineup is grommet-free.
  11. You don't get any bad vibrations from Byron, and our players have responded to that ."
  12. Baiting the fans, mocking the organizers, messing with the cameramen, he provided welcome infusions of bad vibrations.
  13. On June 2, 2016, another song titled " Bad Vibrations " was released, alongside a music video.
  14. It was also announced that the song would be the title track to their sixth album " Bad Vibrations ."
  15. Nocerino said, contending the investigations revealed that the victim was convinced his ex-wife was causing him bad vibrations through a psychic.
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