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  1. Since then, Bad Vilbel station has been served by Frankfurt South route.
  2. In the peak hour a single additional service runs to Bad Vilbel.
  3. The Nidder Valley Railway branches from Bad Vilbel via category 3 station.
  4. Since 13 December 2009, the Mittelhessen-Express stops every two hours in Bad Vilbel.
  5. There was no through traffic between Bad Vilbel and Lauterbach until 1 June 1907.
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  7. Planning permission for the project has already been granted in the Bad Vilbel area.
  8. A promotional video for " Second Bad Vilbel " was created by Chris Cunningham.
  9. Planning permission for this project has already been granted in the Bad Vilbel area.
  10. Occasionally trains from Bad Vilbel running on the Nidda Valley Railway terminate on track 3.
  11. Bad Vilbel station has an extensive system of tracks.
  12. The remaining trains run as Regionalbahn ( RB ) services, beginning and ending in Bad Vilbel.
  13. Ernst Hornig retired in 1964 and took the opportunity to relocate to Bad Vilbel in the west.
  14. Services on S-Bahn line S 6 connect Bad Vilbel during the day at 15-minute intervals to Gro?Karben.
  15. Lahmeyer International is appealing the verdict, said its business manager, Rainer Bothe, from the company's headquarters in Bad Vilbel, Germany.
  16. "' Stada Arzneimittel AG "'is a pharmaceutical company based in Bad Vilbel, Germany which specializes in the production of generic and over-the-counter drugs.
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