bad voice造句


  1. The little man with the big, bad voice is dead.
  2. But I think my parents will vouch that I have an extremely bad voice.
  3. "I always had a bad voice and was always uncomfortable inging out loud.
  4. But keep in mind, a bad voice is subjective, " he hedges.
  5. These days, a lot of bad voices are making a lot of good money.
  6. It's difficult to find bad voice in a sentence. 用bad voice造句挺難的
  7. "Apparently the bad voices didn't say the same thing all the time,"
  8. The PlayStation and PC versions received poor reception due to the bad graphics, poor visuals and bad voice acting.
  9. The doctor said Gigante talked about hearing God's voice and about hearing other " bad voices ."
  10. "I can make a bad voice better, but I can't make a bad voice sound good.
  11. "I can make a bad voice better, but I can't make a bad voice sound good.
  12. In fact, the game's menu system playfully adapts d0ive-in-movie motifs and cheesy cut scenes feature intentionally bad voice acting.
  13. But the atmosphere was so relaxed and the performances so short that the audience was forgiving of a bad voice and very appreciative of a good one.
  14. Jack Nicholson is living proof that a bad voice, well-used, can be as great an asset as the pearliest throat trained for opera.
  15. He was smart enough to turn an introverted 16-year-old girl and a scrawny Italian guy with a bad voice into the most beloved television couple of this generation,
  16. It noted some of the game's puzzle mechanics and " variety " as good points, while repetitive combat, bad voice acting, visual unevenness, and poor multiplayer were bad points.
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