balance water造句

"balance water"是什麽意思   


  1. balanced water plugging technique
  2. it can be used for water return of radiator, balance water flew and cut off system . available for : 3 / 4 ", 1 / 2 " / style : straight valve, angle valve
  3. when used for balancing water distribution systems, valves should always be in the fully open position at the commencement of any commissioning or flushing exercises
  4. this equipment is mainly composed of braising apparatus 、 condenser 、 balanced water tank 、 material pump 、 circulating pump of cooling water 、 double water-ring vaccum pump 、 connecting pipeline and electrical control box
  5. the analysis of applying antibiotic the most frequently used medicines were those for balancing water, electrolite, acid and alkalescence ( 28.8 % ) in the body, and followed by anti-infection ( 15.3 % ) and vitamin ( 9.8 % )
  6. It's difficult to find balance water in a sentence. 用balance water造句挺難的
  7. efficiency : richly contain olive oil essence, rose essential oil, tea polyphenol, mildly remove makeup and dirt from face, balance water and oil, firm and moisturize skin, delay ageing, promote cells repairing ability and make skin firm, moist and bright after using
  8. efficiency : contain several minerals and micro elements, active spring, rose hips oil, micro molecule polypeptide and ceramide, instantly and constantly supply moisture, nutrition can effectively penetrate into deep skin, accelerate the formulation of collagen, activate cells regeneration, remove dry and fine lines, smoothen and nourish skin, balance water and oil and constantly moisturize skin


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