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  1. Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint is a state park located on the peak.
  2. To the northeast, the bald peak of Mont Ventoux gleamed, like a displaced Alp.
  3. Rounding out the range is Bald Peak on the west side of Kinsman Mountain.
  4. It was formerly known as " Bald Peak ".
  5. However, Bald Peak and the other parks remained open after political pressure forced the department to reconsider their plans.
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  7. You will have a fabulous view of the bald peaks jutting out above the tree line and of green valleys.
  8. There are numerous trails set up and maintained by local mountain clubs that lead to the bald peaks higher up.
  9. Descending under the Bald Peak Basalt formation are the Pliocene epoch units of the Siesta Formation, Moraga Formation, and Orinda Formation.
  10. The name comes from the abundance of laurel trees above the valley that stretch to the top of Bald Peak atop the mountain to the east.
  11. "' Bald Peak "'is a mountain top and highest point in the Chehalem Mountains in the Northwest area of the U . S . state of Oregon.
  12. He died of a heart attack at the age of 90 while playing golf at his summer residence, Bald Peak Colony Club, in Melvin Village, New Hampshire.
  13. The route climbs Bald Peak, a smaller mountain with unusual krummholz that is predominately Northern White Cedar ( Thuja occidentalis ), then begins the ascent of Rocky Peak Ridge.
  14. Brian Raymond Rowe is accused of two counts of first-degree aggravated animal abuse, a Class C felony, for killing the dogs last month by shooting them with arrows on Bald Peak.
  15. Another prominent mountain hovering over the town of Big Bend is called Bald Peak ( called Ma-how-mah-day Ah-ko by the Madesi tribe ), which has dozens of cold water springs, creating numerous creeks that feed into the Pit River, a spring-fed, or a " free stone " river.
  16. The building was turned into a fortress and from its adobe walls Pizarro and his mistress ( she was the sister of the Inca Atahualpa whom Pizarro had strangled ) could look out of their window to see the bald peak of San Crist骲al ( Saint Christopher ) which frowns over the city, covered with shouting Indians.


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