1. Mysterious digits - the origin of balmer formula
  2. Mrs bellingham he addressed me in several handwritings with fulsome compliments as a venus in furs and alleged profound pity for my frostbound coachman balmer while in the same breath he expressed himself as envious of his earflaps and fleecy sheepskins and of his fortunate proximity to my person , when standing behind my chair wearing my livery and the armorial bearings of the bellingham escutcheon garnished sable , a buck s head couped or
    這家伙用種種筆跡給我寫信,肉麻地恭維我是穿皮衣的維納斯148 ,說他深切地同情我那凍僵了的馬車夫帕爾默,同時又表示羨慕帕爾默的帽子護耳蓬蓬松松的羊皮外衣以及他能呆在我身邊有多么幸運。
  3. It's difficult to find balmer in a sentence. 用balmer造句挺難的


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