1. Hope conducted the case against John Elphinstone, 2nd Lord Balmerino in 1634.
  2. Balmerino was founded in 1229, long after the likely lifetime of this William.
  3. Balmerino died at Cambridge on 30 May 1996.
  4. Alleged started favourite for the St . Leger Stakes, but finished second to Balmerino.
  5. The church was dedicated to St Luag and belonged to Balmerino Abbey prior to the Reformation.
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  7. Thereafter the property was in the hands of Arthur Elphinstone, 6th Lord Balmerino, from 1704.
  8. Within the parish of Dunbog stood the Cistercian Priory of Cadvan, a cell of nearby Balmerino Abbey.
  9. William de Candela's son, also William, was a benefactor to the monks of Balmerino Abbey.
  10. As Queen Dowager, she devoted her time to the foundation of a Cistercian abbey at Balmerino in Fife.
  11. Afterwards he was permitted to retire to his own estate at Balmerino, where he died in July 1612.
  12. The feu duty for most of these mills up until the late 19th century was payable to Balmerino Abbey Estates.
  13. Around 1604, the Logans sold Lord Balmerino and the Craigentinny part of the estate to Edinburgh merchant James Nisbet.
  14. Balmerino retained a copy, and having interlined it in some places he showed to his confidential agent, Dunmore.
  15. Balmerino was one of the most prominent supporters of Argyll ( as Lorne became ) in his policy against Charles.
  16. William de Candela's son, another William, was said to be a benefactor to the monks of Balmerino Abbey.
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