1. Balmes joined the study's principal investigators in 1988.
  2. Myddelton married Frances Whitmore widow of William Whitmore of Balmes in 1686.
  3. Lecce was the birthplace of Abraham de Balmes a noted Hebrew expert.
  4. Cervantes identified the pilot as Capt . Joe Balmes.
  5. Since 2010 he is the director of Religious Culture and the Editorial Balmes Barcelona.
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  7. From 1825 to 1826, Balmes studied courses of Theology, also in Vic Seminary.
  8. In 1932 he received a bachelor's degree from the Instituto Balmes in Barcelona.
  9. Lopez made his professional debut on October 13, 2006 against fellow Filipino Joey Balmes.
  10. One Balmes'pupils was Daniel Bomberg.
  11. Many of them were later translated from Hebrew into Latin by Jacob Mantino and Abraham de Balmes.
  12. Few authors recognize him as one of sociology pioneers in Spain, the follower of Jaime Balmes.
  13. The connoisseur appeal of the premiums is deserved, says liquor-sales representative Keith M . Balmes.
  14. The embassy is located on Jaime Balmes # 4 in Mexico City, Mexico's capital city.
  15. Balmes is along " Carrer Muntaner " the longest road stretching from the sea towards the mountainside.
  16. Among them were the historian Leopoldo Castedo, the Mauricio Amster and the painters Roser Bru and Jos?Balmes.
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