1. The 150 second graders had previously attended either Liberty Street or Balmforth.
  2. Balmforth educated at Sebright School and Brasenose College, Oxford.
  3. On 16 January 2001, Balmforth was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for services to Olympic Sport and Rowing.
  4. Solly and Balmforth abandoned their pacifist stance during World War II, believing that Hitler had to be defeated at all costs.
  5. In 2004, the collective squatted a large Millie Brown, video installation artist Adham Faramawy, James Balmforth and artist Matthew Stone.
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  7. Balmforth said it was policy to help the women find safe lodging somewhere untraceable and not to let the families know where they were.
  8. During World War I, Solly co-founded with Reverend Ramsden Balmforth, of the Unitarian Church, the South African Peace and Arbitration Society.
  9. TERROIR was founded simultaneously in Hobart and Sydney in 1998 by Professor Richard Blythe ( Hobart / Melbourne ), Gerard Reinmuth ( Sydney ) and Scott Balmforth ( Hobart ).
  10. Balmforth said that he had 742 cases of Asian woman from the area who had left home and sought protection from their own families and that the number was increasing each year.
  11. Among the many women who have sought Balmforth's help was Tasleem Begum, a 20-year-old supermarket worker in Bradford who refused the Pakistani partner her family had selected.
  12. That is the only case that has led to a conviction, and according to Balmforth, a retired inspector on the West Yorkshire force, the police are usually unable even to bring a prosecution.
  13. Lightweight Eights-Tim Weight, Robert Rchards, Alister Isherwood, Jon Berney, Darren Balmforth, Simon Burgess, Robert Mitchell, Micheal Wiseman and Brett Hayman, Australia, 5 : 40.00
  14. Balmforth showed a visitor part of a 1992 television documentary recording a meeting between Tahar Mahmood, a bounty hunter from nearby Huddersfield, and the husband and father of a young woman he had been paid to find.
  15. "Up until a few years ago when coroners began getting suspicious, we had a number of ` suicides,'where Asian girls who left home were said to have set themselves on fire, " said Philip Balmforth, the Bradford area community officer of the West Yorkshire Police.
  16. The Boat Inn, The Tuckies, Jackfield, was the location of an assault in 1937, when Frank Taylor, an iron moulder from neighbouring settlement, The Werps, threw an ashtray at labourer, Ralph Roberts, from No . 8, The Lloyds, Iron-Bridge who had been talking with Harry Balmforth from Coalport.


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