1. The Sikhs worships in the Gurudwara and Hindus have a Balmik Mandir.
  2. Most of these carry its history back to Balmik, as the ancestor of the tribe.
  3. The only temple being used for worship by a small presently existing Hindu population is the Balmik temple.
  4. The strength of SC community is more than 80 % out of the total population of the village . There have five Gurudwaras named Gurudwara Baba Sunder Das Ji, Gurdwara Baba Nath Ji, Gurudwara Guru Ravidas Ji, Gurdwara Baba Shahidan, GurdwaraDurgiana Sahib and a " Shiv Mander " where worshipped by all Hindus community,'BalmikMander'for the Balmik community, situated at the residential area of the village.
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