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  1. Iba international bank association
  2. National banking association
  3. The new development of scholarship on shanghai banks association in home and abroad
  4. This would be consistent with the practice of banking associations in other jurisdictions , and it would be a logical development of hkab s role
  5. But when commerzbank sought to buy landesbank berlin , the capital ' s wholesale bank , earlier this year , it was outbid by the savings banks association
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  7. China banking association ' s regulatory commission announced on april 6 that its member banks would halt the cross - bank atm inquiry fee before april 20 in response to negative customer feedback
  8. Brad : next week , on thursday , the bloodmobile will be here taking blood for the oregon blood bank association . i really think you should go down and give your pint
  9. Wfb is a national banking association organised under the laws of the united states of america and is primarily engaged in retail , commercial and corporate banking , real estate lending , and trust and investment services
  10. Still in the running for landesbank berlin are commerzbank , the only private bidder ; lbbw , the south - west german landesbank ; bayerische landesbank ; and dsgv , the savings - banks association
    目前仍在參與競標柏林銀行的有以下銀行: (這次競標中)唯一的私營競標者? ?商業銀行、德國西南區的銀行? ?巴登符滕堡州銀行、巴伐利亞銀行以及德國州銀行和儲蓄銀行協會。
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