barge boards造句


  1. The gable facing the front has scalloped barge boards and finials.
  2. The gable ends are decorated with carved timber barge boards.
  3. It features a castellated tower, elaborately carved barge boards and a roof of multiple gables.
  4. It boasts multiple gables, a long entrance hall, a stately staircase and carved barge boards.
  5. Overhanging eaves and the decorative barge boards of the gables are supported on paired timber fretwork brackets.
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  7. The corrugated iron-clad, truncated hipped roof of the morgue is lined with decorative barge board details.
  8. Barge boards decorated with dentils cover the gable eaves; boards decorated with serrations run below the east and west eaves.
  9. On either end of the front facade there was a projecting gabled roof with overhanging eaves, faced with barge boards.
  10. The main farmhouse has projecting gable porches over the southwest and northeast entrances with decorative timber barge boards, trusses and finials.
  11. The steeply pitched roof forms also allude to the entry porch of the wharenui, with its prominent sweeping barge boards ( maihi ).
  12. A timber battened panel is attached to the upper section plain barge boards of the gables on the east and west facades of the building.
  13. The'barge boards'fitted to the sides of cars also helped to shape the flow of the air and minimise the amount of turbulence.
  14. The attached guest house has a projecting gable porch to the northeast with decorative timber arch brackets, barge board, finial and diagonally boarded gable.
  15. It has rectangular timber windows with timber louvred shutters, scalloped barge boards to the gable ends, and a scalloped timber trim to the awning.
  16. It is octagonal in plan and has a concertinaed, hip and valley roof made with flat fibrous-cement sheets and barge boards individual to each roof face.
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