barge dock造句

"barge dock"是什麽意思   


  1. The municipal barge dock currently serves multiple industries in the South Quincy Development District.
  2. When the barge docks in Belize City, the families disembark and go their separate ways.
  3. The barge dock was constructed at Kingston Railway Bridge close to the present the upstream entrance to Canbury Gardens.
  4. Erosion of the tundra by the river has destroyed much of the area of the village, including the barge dock.
  5. Anticipating new business from the Fresh Kills closing, Waste Management has received county permission to build special garbage barge docks at Port Tobacco on the James River.
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  7. On the Chilean side, Bayside plans to spend $ 150 million to build a sawmill and veneer plant near the small town of Porvenir, two barge docks near the logging encampments of Timaukel and Puerto Arturo on the Strait of Magellan, and 125 miles of logging roads.


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