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  1. The Dutch Barge Dog Club of England was formed in 1925 by Mrs . Wingfield-Digby and accepted into the British Kennel Club in 1926, when the breed and the club were renamed to Keeshond.
  2. Originally called the "'German Spitz "', more specifically the "'Wolfspitz "', the name was officially changed to Keeshond, in 1926 in England, where it had been known as the Dutch Barge Dog.
  3. Schipperkes are widely referred to in the United States, albeit erroneously, as " Belgian barge dogs " or " Belgian ship dogs . " Apparently, however, their history dates to a seventeenth century black shepherd dog commonly called the Leuvenaar, a 40-pound dog often found in the Louvain region of Belgium and employed to guard flocks and transport.
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