barrier inlet造句


  1. In Canada, only three of those phenomena are known, Reversing Falls in New Brunswick and Barrier Inlet, Hudson Strait, Nunavut are the others.
  2. They found that the Barrier Inlet had expanded to form a large bay, in which were hundreds of whales, which led to the immediate christening of the area as the Bay of Whales.
  3. He returned to the Barrier several times, hoping to penetrate it, but was unable to do so, achieving his Farthest South in a small Barrier inlet at 78?02, in February 1842.
  4. On 17 May he signed a declaration stating that " I am leaving the McMurdo base to you ", and that he would seek to land further east, either at the Barrier Inlet visited briefly during the " Discovery " expedition, or at King Edward VII Land.
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