1. It took me two hours to get to the barriere de l etoile
  2. The louis creek community in the beautiful area north of vancouver was virtually wiped out 65 buildings including a saw mill were destroyed , 238 homes were burned in kelowna , and a number of houses were burned and many more suffered smoke damage in barriere . in response to the fires , our merciful master donated us 50 , 000 with special instructions to provide comfort to those in greatest need who had been overlooked by other relief organizations
    溫哥華北部的美麗社區路易斯克里克louis creek ,包括一座鋸木廠在內,共有65棟建筑物幾乎全被焚燒殆盡另一處社區奇隆那kelowna則有238棟房屋被燒毀另外像巴雷爾barriere市,也有一些住家遭到祝融之災,并蒙受嚴重的煙害。
  3. The relief team then left kelowna and headed for the louis creek barriere area to determine what types of aid the affected families needed most . for many , it was cash and for others schooling for the children . the initiates responded by giving the fire victims financial aid and purchasing school supplies for families with school - age youngsters
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