basic raw material造句

"basic raw material"是什麽意思   


  1. Main application : it is the basic raw material for chemical industry
  2. Formaldehyde is used as one of basic raw materials in syntheses of synthetic tannins
  3. Sand , as a basic raw material in dry mortar products , is strictly required to its moisture content
  4. Application : mainly used for petroleum industry . it ' s the basic raw material of w - base catalyzer used in oil refinery
  5. Lime and dolomite are basic raw materials that have made an essential contribution to many of the achievements of our modern world
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  7. After a general introduction on the importance of lime , being a basic raw material that has made an essential contribution to many of the achievements of our modern world , the maerz parallel flow regenerative lime kiln is described in detail in this brochure
  8. The factory system that centralized production in britain depended for many of its basic raw materials ( cotton , wool , rubber , tin and other materials ) on supplies from its colonial possessions , and these production processes were concentrated in specific specialized regions
    英國集中生產的工廠體系要依賴許多它的殖民地提供的基本原料(棉花,木料,橡膠,錫和其它一些材料) ,這些原料的生產過程卻是在特殊的專門地區進行。
  9. Dangerous trades as defined in the factories and industrial undertakings ordinance ( cap . 59 ) include boiler chipping ; manufacture of glass from basic raw materials ; manufacturing processes involving the use of arsenic , lead , manganese , mercury and phosphorus ; vermillion manufacture ; chromium plating ; machining or grinding of celluloid or magnesium ; and manufacture of hydrochloric , nitric or sulphuric acids , etc
    根據《工廠及工業經營條例》 ,危險行業包括鏟修鍋爐,以基本原料制造玻璃,使用砷、鉛、錳、汞、磷的制造工序,制造朱砂,鍍鉻,切削或研磨賽璐珞或鎂,及制造鹽酸、硝酸或硫酸等。


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