be a broadway star造句


  1. Only Peters perseveres, underlining what it means to be a Broadway star.
  2. Today, any pop belter with a body microphone can be a Broadway star.
  3. "I decided to go to New York instead and be a Broadway star, " she said.
  4. But the other part of him is that in his very secret heart, he wanted to be a Broadway star.
  5. Additionally, Davenport is the creator of " Be a Broadway Star ", the only Broadway-themed board game.
  6. It's difficult to find be a broadway star in a sentence. 用be a broadway star造句挺難的
  7. "I was thinking, ` God, I want to be a Broadway star _ what am I doing at Juilliard ? "'
  8. "I think Curtis will be a Broadway star, " she said . " This is the beginning of things for him; he's just cracking the egg.
  9. Ms . Foss, who describes herself as " 36 going on about 25, " wanted to be a Broadway star; her family wanted her to have a steady job.


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