be a brother造句


  1. "He'll always be a brother to me.
  2. Zavida, thought to be a brother of Rasina and Reke.
  3. It could be a brother vs . brother thing.
  4. It could be a brother, ` bather, an animal ."
  5. Learning how to be a brother and a son, all those things.
  6. It's difficult to find be a brother in a sentence. 用be a brother造句挺難的
  7. And he is about to be a brother.
  8. I'm not here to be a brother or to love the players.
  9. It turned out to be a brother.
  10. The governor of Hebron was reported to be a brother-in-law of Aqil.
  11. "It's not going to be a brother-in-law deal,"
  12. Among the Iraqis was Adel Anonn, who Manila police said was believed to be a brother of Yousef.
  13. Romania wants to be a brother to us, and they even say they will help us in Europe.
  14. For those with a vocation to be a brother suitable training is pursued in his particular field of interest.
  15. Luczak also said it was clear Montgomery was not suited to be a brother, but did not give specifics.
  16. It could be a brother, a best friend, a father, a son, a lover, a friend.
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